The RS1 Road Rail Weed Spray Module

The RS1 Road Rail Weed Spray Module

In a world where possession times are short and we are ever increasing our efforts to move to green zone working, Weedfree and Aquarius Rail’s RS1 Road Rail Weed Spray module creates a sustainable treatment solution to the world’s railways. 

There are many ways Aquarius Rail make everyday rail tasks simple & safe. One way is through utilising collaborative work. Our collaboration with Weedfree is particularly important at this time of the year.

Using weed mapping technologies, Weedfree can ensure that herbicides are only used to their maximum effect. If there are no weeds, no herbicide is used, and no wastage is created this of course optimises herbicide usage.

There are a wide variety of benefits using RS1 Road Rail Weed Spray Module:

  • Track & cess treated under LIVE OLE
  • No premixed herbicides. Herbicides are introduced into the spray lines immediately prior to the nozzles minimising the quality of spray mixture within the system at any one time
  • Up to 12 metre overall swath width. The system can treat up to 12 metres in a single pass
  • Bankside spraying up to 5.25 metres from the running tunnel
  • Up to 20 miles of track bed. When spraying a single line (four foot and 3 metre cess) the system can treat up to 20 miles on a single tank
  • Up to 30 miles of bank side. When spraying a bank side or flail strip the system can spray up to 30 miles on a single tank

For more information on the RS1 Road Rail Weed Spray Module, please email [email protected] or call on: 01765 635 021.

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