The R2R4x4 & R2R Trailer: A Case Study

The R2R4x4 & R2R Trailer: A Case Study

Stevan Rhodes, Off Track Section Supervisor, Network Rail Wakefield, has been utilising the Aquarius Rail R2R4x4 & R2R Trailer to install pedestrian walkways.

He said: “The weather was awful; it was non-stop rain all night.

The work being carried out was transporting a new foot crossing surface and all associated materials to a remote foot crossing approx. 1¼ miles away from the RRAP, as well as returning the redundant foot crossing surface to the access point.

This would usually have been undertaken using manual trolleys or an RRV (at substantial cost) and if done manually, would not have been completed in the 1 shift.

The Off-track team on site with the Aquarius Rail systems were extremely impressed with it and there was plenty of positive feedback. The team even managed to install the new foot crossing surface within the possession due to the time saved by using the Aquarius Rail vehicles.

The only thing that would have benefitted us more would be the use of the trailer and crane, but the staff are awaiting the training.”

Thank you so much to Stevan & his team for this fantastic account demonstrating how Aquarius Rail are continuing to make every day rail tasks Simple & Safe, Road to Rail to Site.

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