The NEW Road2Rail D-Max

The NEW Road2Rail D-Max

Introducing the ALL NEW Aquarius Rail 3.5T Road2Rail Vehicle. The Road2Rail D-Max.

  • The R2RD-Max is a rugged yet highly capable 4-wheel drive utility vehicle.
  • It can tow/ propel up to 8200kg & has a payload of 1250kg on rail.
  • It can transport 4 People in the cab on Road/5 people on Rail.
  • It can on track, travel & work under LIVE OLE & can travel & work ALO. 
  • Electrohydraulic rail guidance system operated from within the cab: On/off track quickly in minutes.
  • Maximum speed on rail on plain line: 20mph forward; 15mph in reverse. 10mph forward/10mph reverse on plain line when towing & propelling a R2R Trailer &/or LTE.   

Designed to make every day railway tasks Simple & Safe, The R2RD-Max is the future of Road to Rail to Site.

To find out more please email [email protected] or call on 01765 635021.

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