Rail Mules with Increased Payload Delivered to Motherwell

Rail Mules with Increased Payload Delivered to Motherwell

Late in 2013 James Cunningham, Resource Planner at Network Rail in Motherwell, Glasgow was looking for new road rail vehicles for the maintenance teams.  Conscious of the teams’ comments: “Why can we not have better equipment like the contractors?” James was keen to source new plant that would enable them to carry out maintenance in a safer and more efficient way that avoids trolley pushes on track.

During James’ research he discovered the Aquarius Rail Mule and Ultra Light Trailer (ULT). The Rail Mule and ULT combination provides a self-sufficient package with no requirement for the mechanical lifting of trailers on to track.  With the ability to transport 4 to 6 people, 4×4 capabilities for the Scottish climate and terrain, good ground clearance, Kawasaki’s reliable engine and battery and Aquarius’ easy to use rail gear, the Rail Mule fitted the criteria perfectly.

The Rail Mule now offers increased towing capacity with the recent VAB certification to tow 3 Ultra Light Trailers on track.  A Mule has a payload of 500kg, when towing 1 ULT the payload increases to 1433 kg;  Aquarius can now offer a payload increase to 3.2 tonnes with the combination of a Rail Mule and 3 ULTs.

We hope the Motherwell team enjoy using their new vehicles.

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