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The Aquarius Ultra Light Trailer  (ULT) can be towed by the R2R 4×4 Rail Ranger and Rail Mule. With a gross weight of 1 tonne, the ULT is capable of carrying a 933 kg on track.  The ‘ultra’ light design means the trailer weighs just 67 kg resulting in an easy 3 man lift,  addressing manual handling issues and eliminates the need for additional machinery to lift the trailer on track.

The features of the Ultra Light Trailer:

  • Transport up to 933 kg of tools or ‘spoil’  to and from the work site
  • Integral lip on load tray to keep loads on
  • Internal measurements of the load tray: 1310 mm wide x 1484 mm long
  • Air brakes as mandated by RIS-1530-PLT
  • Fail-safe spring applied brakes
  • Lights and breakaway alarm
  • 20 mph maximum travel and working speed
  • 5 mph through switches and crossings
  • 1 mph through raised check/guard rails
  • The Aquarius Rail Mule is certified to tow 3 ULTs on track

The benefits of the Ultra Light Trailer (ULT):

  • Overcome access issues: Deliver tools and equipment by rail to work sites with difficult access.
  • Reduce logistics: No need for HIAB crane site delivery lorries.  The ULT is a 3 man lift on to track.
  • Increased payload: Gain an additional 933kg of payload per ULT.
  • Productivity increased: Deliver tools and materials quickly to site due to the high towing speed of 20 mph.
  • A safe solution: Fully air braked with lights and breakaway alarm. Improved health and safety as there is no need to push a trolley.
  • No environmental hazard: No oil or hydraulic fluid thanks to the air brakes.
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