Sand R2R 4×4 (Sand Rover)

  • Sand R2R 4x4
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  • Sand R2R 4x4
  • Sand R2R 4x4

The Sand Road2Rail 4×4 (formerly called Sand Rover) is a specialist Land Rover RRV for a full scale assault on leaf fall problems on track.

Using the Sand R2R 4×4 eliminates:

  • ‘Wrong side track failure’ – signalling issues due to a contaminated railhead
  • Track adhesion problems that cause train overshoots and delays due to poor traction on the rail

The Sand R2R 4×4 is equipped with:

Wire Brush Scrubbers

Wire brush scrubbers to clean leaves off the rail head.

A Leaf Vacuum

A leaf vacuum to quickly clear leaves of the track and a shredder to disburse debris away from the track.

  • 200mm dia. 3m length suction hose
  • Clips onto tailgate for effective removal into box body
  • CCTV monitoring from cab of suction hoses
  • 11 h.p. engine powered impellor mulches leaves for load compaction

Citrasolve ‘Orange Juice’ Applicator

Used to apply a citrus based detergent for breaking down the leaf contamination on the rail head.

  • Can be stored on board with all the other attachments
  • One nozzle per track (in cab controls)
  • 12 volt pump 100 litre tank
  • Wander hose with lance

Sandite/Dry Sand Applicator

Sandite or dry sand applicator to create adhesion on the railhead.

Sandite Applicator:

  • IBC containers forklift into the rear body for fast refilling
  • Application unaffected by forward speed
  • On and off track loaded with 600l (1000kg) tank
  • CCTV remote camera monitoring for sandite applicators/nozzles
  • In cab operation of on/off lever

Dry Sand Applicator:

  • Dry sand application from ‘sand bombs’
  • In cab controls

All four pieces of equipment can be used or a combination of them, depending on the application and your preference.

The benefits of using the Sand R2R 4×4:

  • Avoid manual application – clean the railhead and apply ‘citrasolve’ at the touch of a button from within the cab
  • The flexibility to concentrate on problem areas by treating it several times quickly
  • Maximum productivity at a low cost
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