R2R Ranger

  • Rail Ranger
  • Rail Ranger

Aquarius have been manufacturing R2R Rangers since 2011. This rugged 4-wheel drive self-contained vehicle has good ground clearance for easy on and off tracking while also maintaining a high level of comfort.

The R2R Ranger features:

  • Self-contained, road legal vehicle;  no road haulage
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Good ground clearance for easy on and off tracking
  • 700kg Payload for men and cargo on road and 950kg on rail
  • Travel, work and on-track under live OLE
  • High rail speed of 20 mph/15mph reverse/10mph towing/propelling
  • Compact Aquarius Electro-Hydraulic Rail-Gear proven on the Rail infrastructure since 1999
  • Rail gear actuation from the cab
  • Two front seats, driver and machine controller
  • Fully enclosed weather protection
  • Double cab versions seat five
  • Troop carrying rear seats for six extra in rear tray for travel on rail
  • Easy access staircase to rear body

*Including personnel and equipment and is dependent on the Ford Ranger model

The Benefits of the R2R Ranger:

  • Reduced logistics: No need for additional RRV transport  (truck haulage to site)
  • The self-contained Rail Ranger is an efficient solution: Deliver maintenance teams and equipment quickly from the depot to the track work site with easy on and off tracking
  • Increased productivity:  No need to push equipment up track
  • Flexibility to use for road transport and off road duties
  • Reduced paperwork:  No tachograph required
  • Comfort of a road vehicle with a low cab for easy repeated entry and exit.
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