R2R Trailer

  • Road2Rail Trailer
    Road2Rail Trailer Loaded with TTS Green Troughs
  • R2R Trailer Video
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  • Road2Rail Trailer with R2R 4x4 & R2R Plant Trailer
    Road2Rail Trailer with R2R 4x4 & R2R Plant Trailer
  • Road2Rail Trailer with Drop Sides
    R2R Trailer with Drop Sides

The R2R Trailer is now available for hire after achieving Network Rail Product Acceptance:  NR PA number PA05/05068.  Certified with a 3 tonne payload for rail,  transport equipment, tools, rubber tracked plant and light weight cable troughs.

The concept is simple: the R2R Trailer, towed by a Land Rover RRV, will enable the user to transport plant and machinery from the depot direct to the track work site.  The R2R Trailer will  revolutionise track maintenance for small to medium  tasks by  avoiding manual labour or the use of expensive large road rail machines.

The R2R Trailer is a better alternative:

  • It delivers to track work site from the depot
  • With no transferring at the access point
  • Reduces logistics with no requirement to pre-deliver machinery to the access
  • Avoids expensive low loader delivery
  • No vandalism and parking issues, the machine is taken to worksite in one continuous process, not left unattended
  • Personnel rail transport as part of the package
  • 2.4 tonne payload on road; 3 tonne payload on rail
  • Loading area 1.95m x 3.25m
  • Supplied with drop-sides and integral loading ramps
  • Fully air braked on track
  • Multi purpose as the Road Rail Trailer can be used to transport materials, such as ‘sleepers’ and ‘ballast’ on track

R2R Trailer has multiple uses from transporting light weight cable troughs and is also able to transport a variety of rubber tracked machinery and tools.

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