R2R 4×4

  • Aquarius R2R 4x4
    Aquarius R2R 4x4
  • Aquarius R2R 4x4 Video
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  • Aquarius R2R 4x4 Personnel Carrying
  • Aquarius R2R 4x4
    Aquarius R2R 4x4
  • Aquarius R2R 4x4
    Aquarius R2R 4x4

R2R 4×4 – the Multi-Purpose Road Rail Vehicle available to hire

Aquarius Road2Rail 4x4s are readily adaptable to many applications in the rail infrastructure market, either as personnel or tools/materials carriers. They are fast building a reputation as being invaluable for track maintenance, saving time and money. Aquarius R2R 4×4 are a cost effective and efficient solution.

R2R 4×4 Features

  • A Non-Tachograph sub 3.5 tonne 4 Wheel Drive vehicle
  • Totally self-sufficient; no road haulage
  • High powered work lights
  • Easy on and off-tracking, thanks to huge ground clearance
  • Travel, work and on-track under live OLE
  • Up to 1 tonne payload within the R2R 4×4*
  • High rail speed of 20 mph/15mph reverse
  • Good visibility from cab
  • Compact Aquarius Electro-Hydraulic Rail-Gear proven on the Rail infrastructure since 1999
  • Rail gear actuation from the cab
  • Two front seats, driver and machine controller
  • Fully enclosed weather protection
  • Option for hand washing and kettle facilities
  • Specialized R2R 4x4s available for welding, autumn leaf adhesion problems, tackling ice on the third rail,  Permanent Way Maintenance, track inspection and Mobile Asset Management and can also be tailored to your requirements.

*Including personnel and equipment and is dependent on the Land Rovers specification.

The Benefits of R2R 4x4s:

  • Reduced logistics: No need for additional RRV transport  (lorry haulage to site)
  • The self-contained Rail Truck is an efficient solution:  Delivering maintenance teams and equipment quickly from the depot to the track work site with easy on and off tracking
  • Improved health and safety: No requirement to man handle equipment from a highway vehicle to a rail vehicle because equipment can be stored in the R2R 4×4
  • Increased productivity: No need to push equipment up track, transport equipment in the R2R 4×4 at a rail speed of 20mph
  • Flexibility to use for road transport and off road duties
  • Reduced paperwork: No tachograph required

Increase the R2R 4×4 payload and capabilities

The R2R 4×4 can:

The R2R 4×4 fleet is maintained to the highest standards and our Land Rovers are supplied with competent, conscientious operators to ensure maximum reliability is provided at all times. R2R 4×4 are also available without a driver and operational mentoring can be provided.

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