Load Tray Extension

  • Load Tray Extension
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  • Load Tray Extension
  • Load Tray Extension
  • Load Tray Extension
  • Load Tray Extension

The Aquarius Load Tray Extension attaches to the front or rear of the R2R 4×4 for towing on the rail to increase the payload and flexibility of the vehicle. It allows the easy transportation of equipment from the track access point to the work site whilst still retaining space in the R2R 4×4 RRV for personnel and other tools.

For road transport this neat piece of kit is carried on the back of the Aquarius R2R 4×4 RRV and is easily deployed once on track. A second Load Tray Extension can be carried in another vehicle with equipment to the access point.

The Load Tray Extension specification

  • Travel at a rail speed of 10 mph
  • Each Load Tray Extension has a payload of 490kg.
  • Lightweight (50kg) for lifting onto track (2 man lift/lowering)
  • 1340mm wide x 1270mm long
  • Attaches onto the rear of our R2R 4x4s for road transportation which does not decrease the Land Rover load space
  • Low tray height (260mm above railhead) for easy loading
  • Integral lip to keep materials in
  • Our R2R 4x4s can both tow and propel two of these LTEs
  • Fail-safe if it detaches from host RRV

The Load Tray Extension advantages

  • Cost effective way to transport personnel and equipment down the track
  • Save time when compared to using a trolley
  • Tools and personnel can be carried in one journey on track
  • Personnel and cargo kept separate, a Health and Safety requirement
  • Improved health and safety, no requirement to push a trolley
  • The host Land Rover RRV can be utilised for other duties on or off track

Load Tray Extensions are available for hire with Aquarius Land Rover RRV’s with or without an operator.

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