Frost R2R 4×4

  • Frost R2R 4x4
  • Frost R2R 4x4

Developed in 2010 for Network Rail in Wessex, the Frost R2R 4×4 is a specialist Road Rail Vehicle that treats ice on the third rail.

The key benefits of the Frost R2R 4×4

  • Reduces train delays caused by ice on the third rail by removing ice with wire brushes and treating it with ‘Kilfrost’ solution to prevent ice reforming for up to 48 hours
  • No need for manual application as ice treatment is controlled from the comfort of the Frost R2R 4×4 cab
  • A fast, reactive solution 24 hours a day – deploy the Frost R2R 4×4 quickly to problem areas with easy on and off tracking
  • Store ‘Kilfrost’ solution on board

The Frost R2R 4×4 is equipped with:

  • Wire scrubbing brushes to clear ice from the third rail
  • IBC heated tank to store 125 litres of ‘Kilfrost’ solution
  • ‘Kilfrost’ solution applicator directly to the third rail
  • On board sensor to detect the location of the third rail
  • Controls within the Frost Truck cab
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