Cam R2R 4×4

  • Cam R2R 4x4
    Carry all your equipment from Raod to Rail to Site

The Aquarius Cam R2R 4×4 enables CCTV drain equipment to be carried from the workshop by road and rail direct to the work site, reducing the risk of breaking delicate equipment.

The features of the Cam R2R 4×4:

  • Bespoke storage within the Cam R2R 4×4 for the safe, secure storage of equipment
  • Compact electro-hydraulic rail-gear that is activated at the press of a button from the cab
  • A high rail speed of 20 mph/ 15 mph in reverse
  • Quick easy on tracking due to high ground clearance
  • Transport equipment and personnel by road and rail
  • 4 wheel drive for off track duties

Many features are shared with the R2R 4×4. For further details see the R2R 4×4.

The benefits of the Cam R2R 4×4:

  • An efficient solution: assess the drains quickly and efficiently thanks to the Cam R2R 4×4’ easy on and off tracking, high rail speed and 4 wheel drive for difficult access points.
  • Maximize productivity during possessions:  using the Cam R2R 4×4 to evaluate the drains to ensures that the high value JetVac systems are only used where necessary.
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