BV1000 R2R 4×4

  • BV1000 R2R 4x4
    Bv1000 R2R 4x4
  • BV1000 R2R 4x4 with R2R Plant Trailer
    BV1000 R2R 4x4 with R2R Plant Trailer
  • BV1000 R2R 4x4

The Features of the BV1000 R2R 4×4:

  • Land Rover double cab base vehicle with bespoke box body and layout to accommodate 2 BV1000 generators, a hydraulic power pack and welding equipment.
  • Double cab to transport 5 personnel including the operator and MC.
  • Open pick up tray so there is no build up of gases during work.
  • All sensitive equipment can be stored in a cage within the cab to protect it from the weather.
  • Non-tachograph, 4 wheel drive vehicle with road vehicle comforts.
  • High rail speed of 20mph/ 15mph in reverse.
  • Easy on and off tracking thanks to the high ground clearance.
  • Proven compact Aquarius Rail-guidance system that has been used on the UK rail infrastructure since 1999.
  • Electro-hydraulic rail gear actuation from the cab.
  • High powered work lights.

The benefits of the BV1000 R2R 4×4:

Lower cost base per RRV

  • No need for extra transport (RRV trailers, Ford Transit etc.)
  • Flexibility to use for road transport duties.
  • Rearward track vision for faster switching to reversing.
  • Can tow load tray extensions (LTE’s) front and rear for extra kit etc.
  • 1050 kg payload including driver and passengers.
  • Low cab for easy repeated entry and exit.
  • No tachograph – less paperwork.

An efficient solution

  • Equipment and personnel are transported easily and quickly from depot to rail work site.
  • Quick on and off tracking thanks to the vehicles high ground clearance and electro-hydraulic rail-gear activated from the cab.
  • High rail speed of 20 mph: travel 2 miles in 6 minutes.

Improved health and safety

  • No manual or double handling of heavy welding gear.
  • All equipment can be stored in the vehicle at all times.
  • Heavy gas bottles and power packs need not be removed except to replace at the depot when empty.
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