Land Rover Discovery Sport Pulls 100-tonne Train

Land Rover Discovery Sport Pulls 100-tonne Train

On June 16th 2016 a Land Rover Discovery Sports pulled a 100-tonne train in Switzerland.  Watch the video of the Discovery Sports 100-tonne pull.

Aquarius are delighted to have been involved in this project. Our team of engineers created a bespoke electro-hydraulic rail guidance system for the Discovery Sport, which was operated from within the cab.  The Discovery’s state-of-art 9-speed automatic gearbox and Terrain Response technology to generate the necessary traction.  Land Rover’s All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) system was engaged at the press of a button helping to maximise traction at a set speed, acting like a ‘low-speed cruise control’.

James Platt, Aquarius Managing Director said “For a vehicle of this size to pull a combined weight of more than 100 tonnes demonstrates real engineering integrity.  No modifications were necessary to the drive-train whatsoever and in the tests the Discovery Sport generated more pull than our road/rail Defender, which is remarkable.”

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