Combatting trackside graffiti

Combatting trackside graffiti

Did you know?

Network Rail spends over £3.5m a year tackling graffiti on the UK’s rail infrastructure.

Aquarius Rail have worked closely with a Network Rail customer in North London to design the Aquarius Road2Rail ‘Swift Spray’, a solution to help combat their graffiti problem.

The R2R ‘Swift Spray’ is an Aquarius Rail R2R 4×4 Land Rover attached with a paint spraying system that is transported from Road to Rail to Site for the quick and simple painting of surfaces (i.e. walls, bridges etc.).

Self-sufficient, the spray system with long reach hoses is powered by the R2R 4×4. The spray system is supplied with the capacity for pre-diluted paint (3 colours), plus the capacity for water and waste for the cleaning of the spray system. Up to five personnel can be transported in the R2R 4×4 cab.


  • High capacity, self-sufficient R2R vehicle-mounted paint spray system
  • Capacity for pre-diluted paint in up to 3 colours, plus water and waste for cleaning the system
  • Equipped with long-reach paint hoses
  • Up to five personnel can travel to site in the cab


  • Improved health and safety: Equipment and up to five personnel transported from depot to rail work site, reducing manual handling
  • Maximise productivity: Paint spraying covers large areas quickly
  • Versatile and cost-effective solution

“A constant supply of paint allows more coverage during track access and allows all materials to be conveyed from the depot to the site of work directly so no loss in time transferring materials to a track trolley or carrying by hand which is vital for the many rail locked sites”.

Customer feedback

For more information on the Aquarius Rail Road2Rail ‘Swift Spray’ please email [email protected] or call on 01765 635021.

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