Case Study: Cable Installation – Leeds S&T, Network Rail

Case Study: Cable Installation – Leeds S&T, Network Rail

Project: Installation of 650v Power Cables in Ardsley Tunnel, Yorkshire

Installing 650v Power Cables is simpler and safer with an Aquarius R2R 4×4 and R2R Trailer.

The Project:

The cable is pre loaded at the depot onto the R2R trailer fitted with A-frames. Then towed by the R2R 4×4 via the track access to the work site, with six personnel transported in the cab.

The cable feeds off the back of the R2R Trailer, guided into the cable troughs, with no need to bend down or lift the heavy cable.

1,000 metres of power cable run out in 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes to on track.

With a total five miles of track travelled during the shift, the work was all completed with no OHL isolation required. The Aquarius R2R 4×4 is easy to deploy for reactive and scheduled projects.

Productivity improvements:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost effective

The R2R 4×4 transports first aid facilities and hot drinks, giving warmth on a cold night. Lighting provided by the R2R 4×4 & R2R Trailer improves visibility and safety.

Health and Safety improvements:

  • Major manual handling risks minimised
  • The risk of slips, trips and falls reduced
  • On-track welfare solutions

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