Aquarius Rail win the HSE ‘Risk-reduction through design’ Award

Aquarius Rail win the HSE ‘Risk-reduction through design’ Award

“Using the Aquarius Rail Trailer Crane our team on its first shift recovered 6 points machines easily and quickly with zero manual handling. It was perfect for the job.”

Fantastic innovation, design and build work led to Aquarius Rail recently picking up the much coveted ‘Risk-reduction through design’ Award from HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

The challenge, how to eliminate or reduce the manual handling of heavy rail track points (weighing approx. 250kg) operating equipment. Before Aquarius Rail’s R2R Trailer Crane attachment, a team of six people were required to lift and carry the 250kg track points, manual handling had always been involved. The points machines are a heavy and uneven load and tend to swing whilst being moved.

The result, a R2R Trailer with Crane Attachment. The innovative solution helps eliminate manual handling of the track points both at the depot and at track side. The R2R Trailer Crane attachment has also seen much wider benefits and can be utilised for a plethora of different every day railway tasks.

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