Aquarius Rail has the Power

Aquarius Rail has the Power

The client’s problem

There was a serious infrastructure incident that required multiple lengths of power cables to be renewed near Newcastle.

The task required the reconnection of the cabling to be completed as quickly and safely as possible.

Normally this is a labour intensive process. Getting materials as close as possible to the site, loading the cable onto a trolley. Then manually pushing down the side of the track with as many as ten people feeding the cable off into the troughing where it can be positioned.

Our solution

An Aquarius Rail Road2Rail 4×4, plus a Road2Rail Trailer, here fitted with a Cable Drum A-Frame.

The R2R4x4 has been specifically designed with safety and time efficiency in mind. From road to rail to site, the R2R4x4 is the obvious choice when responding rapidly on the railways. 

Despite being a tough 4×4 the Aquarius Rail R2R4x4s are incredibly flexible meaning they are readily adaptable to many applications on rail and off-road duties. 

The R2R Trailer is the perfect solution to help eliminate any manual handling whilst also reducing any slips, trips, and falls.

“Today we took another step to reducing the risk of accident or injury at Newcastle DU.

Failures or situations constraint by time can easily make people feel like the most important thing is to get the job done, in the not too distant past we would have had the cable drums dropped at the nearest access and pulled by hand, today we took another step to eradicating injury by manual handling and let the Land Rover do the work. Minimising risk of injury and maximising production.

A small step but a big message!”

Philip Watters, Signal & Telecoms Engineer at Network Rail

Award-winning results

The Morpeth S&T department went on to win the Seth Beckreck Innovation award for their work integrating the use of the Aquarius Rail Road2Rail 4×4 vehicle in their area at the Network Rail East Coast Champions awards.

For more information on how Aquarius Rail can make every second count, email: [email protected], or call: 01765 635 021.

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