Aquarius Rail add ‘Kevin’ the R2R Canter to their hire fleet!

Aquarius Rail add ‘Kevin’ the R2R Canter to their hire fleet!

Aquarius Rail recently completed the design and manufacture of a new Road2Rail Canter.  This road/rail vehicle has been added to their hire fleet, with subsequent ones being built to order for purchase. 

Aquarius Rail’s R2R4x4 Land Rover hire fleet all have female names, so in a break from this twenty-two-year tradition this road/rail vehicle is called ‘Kevin’; Aquarius wanted a male name and this one just stuck!

This R2R Canter is a 7.25 tonne flat bead double cab lorry, fitted with electro-hydraulic rail gear. It has a payload of 3,770kg on rail, 2,770kg on road including up to seven people in the cab.  This vehicle has an EAC to RIS-PLT 1530 Issue 6 and Network Rail Product Acceptance (PA05/07362). 

The R2R Canter is certified to tow one Road2Rail Trailer or up to three Ultra Light Trailers (ULTs) using an air brake system.  And can tow or propel one or two Load Tray Extensions (LTEs).  It is passed out to work ALO and under live OLE. 

In early March 2021 the R2R Canter began a long-term hire for XYZ Rail Ltd assisting them on their parapets contract.

For more information on the new Road2Rail Canter please email [email protected] or call on 01765 635021

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